What We Offer


The long term real estate investor is likely attracted to multi-family housing: a unique time-tested investment that boasts five different modes of wealth building. A short term real estate investor is likely looking for smaller projects that come at wholesale prices and can be turned around quickly. There is an investment that is just right for everyone.

The keyword is "investment." We study cap rates, rents, sales, times on market, comparable properties, and neighborhood trends so we have a realistic perspective on what is presented to us.

Find Your Property


As we get to know what investments you feel most comfortable with, we will start matching projects in our pipeline to match your needs.

Whether you have a high or low risk tolerance, prefer short term or long term investments, prefer being "hands on" or passive, we are confident that we can find that perfect opportunity.

There are different ways to measure success. We like to measure ours by the length of our relationship with you. If we routinely help you reach your goals, we will enjoy a long, fruitful relationship. Success is a team sport.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in Portland-

relationships are the foundation to building prosperity.

Our Relationships


We understand that not every opportunity is compatible for every person. We also strongly believe that no deal is bigger than a long term partnership. Therefore, understanding your needs and goals is paramount for us finding and presenting the options that are uniquely suited to you.

We are fortunate to have nurtured strong relationships that have presented many great opportunities to us. Talk to us. Tell us what you are looking for. Odds are we can help you find it. We won't ask you to invest in anything that we aren't willing to invest in ourselves.

Building Relationships, Wealth and Communities.

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